Face ID failure for revealing notifications necessitates lock/wake cycle to try again

Number:rdar://37557798 Date Originated:14 Feb 2018
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:11.2.5
Classification: Reproducible:Always
Lock Screen

Prerequisite: enroll Face ID on iPhone X.

1. sleep the phone, and set it on a desk.
2. induce or wait for some notifications to arrive.
3. while off-axis from the IR matrix, tap the phone to wake it.
4. observe that notifications appear, but their details are hidden, due to Face ID failure. (This is expected.)

At this point, I recognize that my face was not captured by the IR system, so I want to try again.

5. reposition face in good axis with the IR matrix.
6. observe that nothing happens.
7. tap the display; observe that still nothing happens.

I am stonewalled. There is no way to make Face ID try again. I have to either wait for the phone to go to sleep, or manually hit the side switch to lock it, and then start again at step 3.

Proposal: allow re-attempt of Face ID by tapping the display while it's still on.

(Even better, run the IR repeatedly and make recurrent attempts at Face ID automatically.)

iPhone X, iOS 11 including 11.2.5.


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