Localised concatenation of strings

Number:rdar://37880652 Date Originated:6/2/2018
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I'd like to generate localised string from the following code:
let skills = ["nunchuck", "bow hunting", "computer hacking"]
let notLocalizedJoined = skills.joined(separator: ", ")

Looking at the wikipedia article for "comma", not only is there different kinds of separators, but the elements are ordered differently or some languages mightn't have a separator at all.

And this is to say nothing about generating a list where optionally, say in English, the word "and" could precede the final element:
"nunchuck, bow hunting and computer hacking"

Turns out there's an `icu::ListFormatter` class in the ICU libraries, maybe it's time for an `NSListFormatter`?

I would have loved to submit a pull request implementing this in the Swift Foundation project but I quickly realised CoreFoundation should be consistent and offer the same functionality upon which the Swift Foundation project should bridge. If only CoreFoundation was open source *hint*!



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