NEHotspotConfigurationError case documentation is severely lacking

Number:rdar://37955565 Date Originated:2018/02/27
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Product:Network Extensions Framework Product Version:iOS 11
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Network Extensions Framework

The current documentation for each of the cases is only a rewording of the case identifier into a sentence. joinOnceNotSupported is missing documentation altogether.

My app is currently receiving the systemConfiguration error code, but as far as I can tell this code worked on this device before, and continues to work on other devices. An example of things I would like to know about each of these error codes:

- Is this a programmer error, user error, OS or framework error?
- Is this recoverable? How?
- What additional information would the programmer or user need in order to recover from the error if it's possible?
- What situations might lead to this error occurring?

Some of the error cases, like invalidSSID, are pretty clear if you have some knowledge of the domain the framework is in, but others are not clear at all. Particularly the systemConfiguration one I'm hitting right now :)


Apple Developer Relations

I think you have figured out the reason of failure. We have tried to provide all the details in the documentation.

We will take the feedback to make it more explicit in documentation and error reporting.

We are closing this bug report.

If you have questions regarding the resolution of this issue, please update your bug report with that information.

Please be sure to regularly check new Apple releases for any updates that might affect this issue.

Almost immediately after opening this (of course :) ) I realized that I had a configuration profile installed for this network on this device. Uninstalling the profile allowed me to add the network configuration programmatically without receiving this error. I guess this adds some detail to this paragraph from "This method will not add a configuration if the same SSID or HS2.0 domain name is already configured through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile or a Carrier bundle. If your app configures a hotspot and later an MDM profile or Carrier bundle is installed for a hotspot with the same domain name, the new configuration will overwrite your app’s configuration." It would be helpful to have this correlation made explicit if it's correct.

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