DateComponentsFormatter needs rouding behavior

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DateComponentsFormatter currently gives developers no way to specify how to handle rounding. For example, if I want to display 2 hours and 55 minutes only in terms of hours (`allowedUnits = [.hour]`), the formatter prints 2.

I think most people would agree that 3 is closer to reality, so it would be nice to be able to tell DateComponentsFormatter what rounding behavior is desired.

Steps to Reproduce:
let formatter = DateComponentsFormatter()
formatter.allowedUnits = [.day]
formatter.unitsStyle = .full

print(formatter.string(from: 345_000))) // almost 6 days

Expected Results:
I can specify whether the snippet above prints "5" or "6"

Actual Results:
The output is always "5"




A possible solution is to round the number beforehand. For example, if you are using a TimeInterval, you could call .rounded() on the time interval.

let formatter = DateComponentsFormatter()

formatter.allowedUnits = [.minute, .second]

formatter.zeroFormattingBehavior = .pad

let durationString = formatter.string(from: asset.duration.rounded())

There are other rounding options such as:



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