Apple TV remote play / pause button does not work correctly when playing audios

Number:rdar://37972027 Date Originated:February 28 2018
Status:Closed Resolved:
Product:Apple TV Product Version:11.2.6
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always

When playing audios on an Apple TV (e.g. via AirPlay or using the Music app), playback cannot be correctly controlled correctly with the dedicated play / pause remote button.

This issue affects both the physical remote, as well as devices running the Apple TV remote application and paired with the Apple TV receiver.

Video playback is not affected by this issue (e.g. videos played over AirPlay can be paused and resumed correctly using the corresponding remote button).

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Open the Music app on the Apple TV.
2. Play some content.
3. Press the remote menu button several times to return to the Apple TV home screen.
4. Press the play / pause remote button once. Playback correctly pauses.
5. Press the play / pause button again. Playback incorrectly does not resume.

A remark about step 3: If you stay within the Music app player, the play / pause button works. This is why you have to move away from this screen to reproduce the issue.

Expected Results:

When some audio is played, the play / pause remote button correctly pause or resume playback depending on whether I am playing an audio or not. This behavior is consistent throughout Apple TV menus.

Actual Results:

When audio is played, the play / pause button remote only makes it possible to pause playback. There is then no way to resume playback using the same button.


tvOS 11.2.6


Nothing in particular.


The issue has been closed because the behavior is the expected one.

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