NEHotspotConfigurations are supposed to annotate configured SSIDs with the app name in Settings, but don't

Number:rdar://38036088 Date Originated:2018/03/01
Status:Resolved Resolved:2018/03/06
Product:Network Extensions Framework Product Version:11.2.6
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always
Network Extensions Framework


"The user can see name of your app in Settings > Wi-Fi when the networks it has configured are listed."

I'm assuming that this means that the list of SSIDs in Settings > WiFi will be annotated (like a subtitle of the cell) in the same way that it would be when using the NEHotspotHelper API. If that's the case, I'm not observing that.

Steps to Reproduce:

I've attached a sample project, but the relevant bit of code is:

        let configuration = NEHotspotConfiguration(ssid: "a nearby SSID", passphrase: "the correct passphrase", isWEP: false)
        NEHotspotConfigurationManager.shared.apply(configuration) { possibleError in
            if let error = possibleError { print(error) }
            else { print("Added configuration") }

With the Hotspot Configuration capability enabled, the configuration will be applied shortly after app launch and user approval. The SSID in Settings > WiFi is not annotated, though.

The project I'm working on is actually using an SSID and EAP configuration to configure the network, but the differences in code contain a bunch of secrets specific to the network we're using that I can't share. That project's network configuration is correctly being applied and otherwise works, other than this issue.

Expected Results:

App display name is a subtitle of the configured SSID in the list of available WiFi networks

Actual Results:

No subtitle is shown


11.2.6 (15D100)



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