Hidden notification limit

Number:rdar://38065340 Date Originated:02-03-2018
Status:Duplicate/8113444 Resolved:
Product:NotificationCenter Product Version:11.2
Classification: Reproducible:yes
UserNotifications Framework

Summary: The UNNotificationCenter has a non-documented limit of 64 local notifications. UILocalNotifications mentions this limit in the docs, but UNNotificationRequest does not. On iOS 10 it retains the 64 **soonest** alarms, but on iOS 11 it retains the 64 **LAST** alarms.

Steps to Reproduce:
Create 100 alarms, each with an TimeIntervalNotificationTrigger of i seconds (where i is the index of the alarm), and an identifying text displaying the value i. 

Expected Results:
100 seconds 1 alarm per second, starting at 0, ending at 99.

Actual Results:
64 seconds 1 alarm per second, starting at 36, ending at 99

iOS 11.2



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