The volume of audiobooks and podcasts is unnecessarily decreased for ~5 seconds after text message notification sounds are played. This makes audiobooks and podcasts very difficult to hear.

Number:rdar://38091441 Date Originated:March 2, 2018
Status:Duplicate Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:iOS 11.2.6 (15D100)
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:Always

When I receive a text message, while listening to audio (e.g., music, audiobook, podcast), the volume of the audio is severely decreased, for approximately 5 seconds, after the text message notification sound is played.

I find this extremely annoying. It makes audiobooks and podcasts virtually impossible to hear, for approximately 5 seconds, unless I quickly press a button on my phone, which I can't always do quickly enough (e.g., when I'm driving).

This means that I frequently have to rewind audiobooks and podcasts, to hear the material I missed, for the 5 seconds after the text message notification was played.

For some reason, other notification sounds don't seem to cause the volume to be restricted (or at least not for so long) after they are played.

Could you please fix this?


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