Opening a garage door with Siri via CarPlay should not require device unlock.

Number:rdar://38108822 Date Originated:March 4 2018, 12:38 PM
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Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:Always
Currently, opening a garage door with Siri requires the iPhone to be unlocked first, which is legitimate. That said, when the device is connected to a car (typically via CarPlay), there should be a mechanism that allows opening the door without needing to handle the iPhone at all, as this is likely one of the most typical use cases for this specific interaction.

Ideally, this would simply bypass the unlock requirement when the phone is in CarPlay mode and the device GPS reports me as being within a certain distance of home. Alternatively, some method of vocal confirmation would do the trick:

Me: Hey Siri, open the garage door.
Siri: You don't appear to be near your home, are you sure you want me to open the garage door?
Me: Yes.
Siri: Opening the garage door for you now…

If security is a concern, detecting the proximity of a paired, unlocked Apple Watch could allow Siri to bypass the requirement, similar to how it is able to unlock my Mac, or how the watch itself unlocks when I unlock the paired iPhone.


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