AVB/EAV enabled disconnects Ethernet when picking an Airplay 2 speaker

Number:rdar://43242577 Date Originated:08/13/2018
Status:DUP 40035139 Resolved:
Product:macOS + SDK Product Version:10.13.6
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always

When choosing a speaker in iTunes, if that speaker is Airplay 2 (Sonos One, Apple TV) then Ethernet briefly disconnect, leading to a new DHCP request and most of the time a failure in negotiation with the speaker.

Steps to Reproduce:
- Have a mac (AVB/EAV compatible) connected with ethernet on a network with Airplay 2 device (do not use Wifi, or make sure wifi is after Ethernet in interfaces order)
- Open network preferences and iTunes, have them side by side
- Open iTunes, then change the destination to that Airplay 2 speaker
- Observe the Ethernet going down then up.

Same thing happens when you disconnect the Airplay 2 speaker, going back to the sound on the computer for example.

If you disable AVB/EAV in Network preferences / Advanced… / Hardware the problem goes away (might have to relaunch iTunes) but now sound doesn't reliably play on the devices.

Expected Results:
Going from a speaker to another should be seamless and not lead to disconnection

Actual Results:
Ethernet briefly disconnects and reconnects

macOS 10.13.6

iMac (27-inch, Late 2013), Sonos One, Apple TV and Apple TV 4k.


fwiw, I am seeing the same issue with my Mac mini 6,1 running 10.14.6. My device is an Airport Express running 7.8.1 firmware.

I have now disabled AVB/EAV on my Ethernet interface.

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