persistentIdentifier not saved for Siri Shortcuts using NSUserActivity

Number:rdar://45809778 Date Originated:11/5/18
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Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:12.1
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
I'm adding Siri Shortcuts to my app using INUIAddVoiceShortcutViewController and things are working fine, except when I try to delete a shortcut using NSUserActivity.deleteSavedUserActivities(withPersistentIdentifiers:)

I verified the persistentIdentifier is not being saved for the NSUserActivity. Below is the code that I used to create the NSUserActivity:
func createUserActivityForShortcut(workoutName: String, timerID: String) -> NSUserActivity? {  

    let userActivity = NSUserActivity(activityType: "com.fourthframe.intervals.start-timer")  
    userActivity.isEligibleForSearch = true  

    userActivity.isEligibleForPrediction = true  
    userActivity.suggestedInvocationPhrase = "Start \(workoutName)"  

    userActivity.title = "Start \(workoutName)"  
    userActivity.userInfo = ["timerID": timerID]  
    userActivity.persistentIdentifier = timerID  
    userActivity.needsSave = true  
    userActivity.requiredUserInfoKeys = ["timerID"]  

    return userActivity  


Steps to Reproduce:
1) Create NSUserActivity
2) Add a voice shortcut using INUIAddVoiceShortcutViewController
3) Retrieve list of voice shortcuts using INVoiceShortcutCenter.shared.getAllVoiceShortcuts
4) Verify that voiceShortcut.shortcut.userActivity?.persistentIdentifier is nil

Expected Results:
voiceShortcut.shortcut.userActivity?.persistentIdentifier is not nil

Actual Results:
voiceShortcut.shortcut.userActivity?.persistentIdentifier is nil

iOS 12.1

I’ve had others on stackoverflow and dev forum confirm this behavior



Verified and Duplicated

Can verify that this still occurs on iOS 13. Duplicated & reported in Feedback Assistant:

By spencer.samuel1 at May 27, 2020, 9:11 p.m. (reply...)

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