Make HealthKit electrocardiogram API public

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Our application uses electrocardiogram (ECG) to identify peak training periods and to maximize athlete results. The latest iOS SDK (iOS 12.1) doesn’t give developers access to electrocardiogram API. As we know the API already exist, but it’s private.

As result ECG import flow in our iOS application is the following:
 1. Open ECG in Health app.
 2. Tap share button.
 3. Find the RocketBody app in the list of the apps
 4. Export ECG PDF into our app.
 5. Parse PDF with ECG.

We’re also working on Apple Watch app with workouts sessions and planning ECG sessions support. HKWorkoutSession is already available for developers, but EKElectrocardiogramSession is not public. So developers aren’t able to provide users with the more usable way to take an ECG in their apps e.g. in our case after workouts and during day after reminders.

So we propose to provide developers with the following:
 1. EKElectrocardiogram object from HealthKit with raw ECG data, sample rate, creation date. Maybe limb lead, ECG format enum (EDF).
 2. EKElectrocardiogramSession with ability to start / stop ECG reading on Apple Watch.
 3. UI controls for reading ECGs so that integrating it like Now Playing view in the latest watchOS.

Version / Build:
- iOS 12.1.3
- watchOS 5.1.3
- Xcode 10.1


Did you get any comments from Apple on this?

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