AppleTV doesn't always reconnect to HomePod for audio playback

Number:rdar://51253526 Date Originated:2019/05/30
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Apple TV Product Version:v12.3
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Sometimes
When AppleTV has previously played audio on HomePod, this preference is not always remembered. 
If HomePod is not playing audio already, then Apple TV should reconnect to the last HomePod it was connected to for audio playback of movies. 

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Turn on Apple TV and play a movie
2) Select HomePod as audio output
3) Finish watching and put Apple TV into standby
4) After a while, wake up Apple TV and play a movie

Expected Results:
The audio should be coming from the previously selected homepod

Actual Results:
The audio plays on the TV instead of the HomePod. Likely if HomePod played other music in between TV sessions. 

Apple TV 4K, v12.3

HomePod v12.3


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