Safari and File Open dialogs are displaying unsaturated/greyscale content

Number:rdar://5608552 Date Originated:19-Nov-2007 06:38 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Safari Product Version:10.5.0
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Yes
19-Nov-2007 06:38 PM Reid Burke:
Occasionally while visiting websites, Safari decides to display some content without color. If I scroll the page up or down, the point which the unsaturation occurs may change.

I have not been able to reproduce this bug by doing any particular action, but this has occurred about 10 times since I began using this build all on different websites.

Expected results:
All content will display in using proper color.

Actual results:
Some content on the page beyond a certain point may show content in grayscale or unsaturated color. Please referer to screenshots provided that illustrate the Actual results.

I am using a MacBook Core 2 Duo with integrated graphics. This issue has always occurred with an external monitor attached via DVI, but moving the improperly displaying Safari window to the built-in display gives the same result. Only Safari has exhibited any color problems as described here.

I have attached a System Profile report that includes my graphics setup.

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23-Nov-2007 11:29 AM Reid Burke:
I am also experiencing this problem in File Open dialogs, which means that this issue affects more than Safari. See attached screenshots "fileopen1" and "fileopen2". The bug is occurring in the sidebar in these screenshots.

I'm also including two more screenshots of this problem in Safari.

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