3d Object rendering when exporting Keynote slides

Number:rdar://6471495 Date Originated:02-Jan-2009 04:04 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iApps Product Version:Keynote '08, Keynote '09
Classification:Other Bug Reproducible:Yes
Keynote does not properly anti-alias 3D graph objects when exporting slides.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a 3D graph object, such as a pie chart.
2. Export slide to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or PDF.
3. View in Preview, browser, or other app capable of viewing image files.

1. Create a 3D graph object, such as a pie chart.
2. Copy 3D graph object to clipboard.
3. Paste in Preview or other app capable of editing and viewing image files.

Expected Results:
3D graph objects are smoothly rendered using anti-aliasing as displayed in Keynote.

Actual Results:
3D graph objects are aliased and look "pixelated," including any text labels that are part of the graph. Other text and other 2D vector objects do not appear to be affected. 

Not known.

I see the same effect when resizing the 3D object within a slide, or resizing the Keynote window while "Fit to window" is selected. Once the resizing is complete, the object is re-rendered and anti-aliased, giving a smooth appearance.

Current workaround:
Capture slide with a screen grab, and resize as needed in Preview or other image editing app.

Keynote file

Linked images:
* example of aliased rendering of exported PNG: http://media.arstechnica.com/journals/apple.media/browser_share_dec08_001.png

* anti-aliased screencapped PNG: http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.media/share_dec08-1.png

* appearance in Keynote itself for comparison: http://skitch.com/foresmac/byyt4/browser-share-dec-08.key

More examples are available if needed.

'browser share-Dec 08.key.zip' was successfully uploaded

05-Feb-2009 02:48 PM Chris Foresman:
I have confirmed this bug is also present in Keynote '09.

20-Mar-2009 01:36 PM Chris Foresman:
* anti-aliased screencapped PNG: http://media.arstechnica.com/journals/apple.media/share_dec08-1.png
(older link in original report does not redirect properly)

21-Jan-2010 09:21 AM Chris Foresman:
This problem is NOT limited to 3D pie charts, either. See this example of a 2D pie chart exported from Keynote '09 as a PNG—*pixel city*. It looks terrible. The only known workaround is to take a screen shot and then resize (if needed).


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