thread-local storage not supported for this target

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02-May-2009 08:11 PM Kyle McKay:

The __thread keyword as described in:

does not work.


1. Do the following from a shell prompt:

  echo '__thread int x;' | gcc -c -x c -

2. Notice the error message "thread-local storage not supported for this target"

3. It doesn't matter what "-arch" value is used, any supported "-arch" value or MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET value produces the same error message.


Works great on other platforms (especially Linux).  The expectation is that it will work on Darwin/Mac OS X as well.


__thread is a very convenient programming tool when using threads.  Porting applications that make use of __thread to Darwin/Mac OS X is greatly complicated by lack of support for __thread.

Although the following message:

suggests that the specification of thread-local storage (tls) is ELF specific, it really isn't.  In fact the document referred to by the gcc page referenced in "SUMMARY:" describes the required implementation details and they are easily implemented on Darwin/Mac OS X without any need for ELF.  The document is here:

06-May-2009 07:53 AM KIT CHEUNG :
This bug has been closed as Duplicate. We are tracking this known issue under the Bug ID listed above in the bug State (Duplicate/XXXX).


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