iPhone native applications display an alert asking permission from tel: url

Number:rdar://6984104 Date Originated:18-06-2009
Status:Duplicate/6885385 Resolved:
Product:iPhone SDK Product Version:3.0
Classification:Serious bug Reproducible:Always
18-Jun-2009 04:14 PM Julian Romero Nieto:
iPhone native applications phone links result in an alert shown to the user asking permission to place the call. The documentation, Apple URL Scheme Reference: Phone Links, last updated: 2009-06-08,  clearly stated than only HTML links displays an alert.

Steps to Reproduce:
In Objective-C:
1.- NSURL *phoneURL = [NSURL URLWithString:telURLString];
2.- [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:phoneURL];

Expected Results:
If the URL is correct, the phone.app should launch and "initiates dialing without further prompting from the user."

Actual Results:
An alert displays asking if the user really wants to dial the phone number and initiates dialing if the user accepts.

The alert only occurs in iPhone OS 3.0. Previous versions didn't display the alert. 

Apple current iPhone OS 3.0 documentation:
Apple URL Scheme Reference: Phone Links
The tel URL scheme is used to launch the Phone application and initiate dialing of the specified phone number. Tapping a telephone link on a webpage displays an alert asking if the user really wants to dial the phone number and initiates dialing if the user accepts. In a native application, opening a URL with the tel scheme initiates dialing without further prompting from the user.

Possible duplicate: rdar://6983447 and rdar://6983486


Fix what ???

Not a bug, its a normal security feature. With new multi task stuff, imagine an app. which make calls or send sms every 10 minutes in the background ?

And how a simple warning popup can break an application?

+1 Apple please fix

This is indeed a major problem. I was very annoyed to have applications I bought not work anymore because of this "fix". If the fix is not fixed quickly, I will have to ask Apple for a refund...

By fleury.alex at July 16, 2009, 9:03 p.m. (reply...)

Apple please fix

This new confirm dialog is not correct behavior for a properly functioning application. Please remove this dialog for approved applications.

Thank you Julian

Yes, this is a distinct issue that a great many developers are now facing. Many of the developers have two or three apps that make use of this functionality, and there have been several thousand iPhone apps that have been downloaded that are now, for all intents and purposes, broken. I just blogged about this here: http://blog.ablepear.com/2009/06/making-calls-from-within-your-iphone.html I also linked back to this bug filing as well as you're explanation and citing of the Apple Docs helps underscore the issue that we developers (and users with these apps) are now facing. Thank you for your posting, filing of this bug. I'll be watching with anticipation for a speedy fix from apple with the 3.0.1 release. (^_^)

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