XCTest invocation contains unnecessary library/framework search paths

Number:rdar://7249507 Date Originated:Sep 11, 2019
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Product:Xcode Product Version:11.0
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We are hitting system limits on ARG_MAX for number of parameters that can be passed to an invocation. This is causing issues with scalability as we modularize our codebase. We are currently at a point where we can't run our unit tests (300+ modules).

XCTest invocation contains unnecessary library/framework search paths when `CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR` has been set to be unique on targets (for isolation purposes). The unnecessary paths are ones that don't contain any dynamic libraries and frameworks.

1. Download the sample project (NOTE: It has a custom `CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR` option for each target)
2. Invoke the build with args `xcodebuild -project asfasf.xcodeproj -scheme "run-all-tests" -destination "OS=13.0" -only-testing "FrameworkATests" build-for-testing`
3. Open xctestrun file from built products root directory

* Shouldn't contain any extra DYLD flags for search paths, because all targets compiled into `CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR` are static (no dynamic libraries or frameworks to be linked)

* Lots of unnecessary DYLD flags being supplied that cause overflowing of ARG_MAX when on the scale of 300-400 module dependencies.

NOTE:  Related to FB7122062, but that ticket is tracking the xctestrun containing paths unrelated to the target being compiled (all paths for all targets in a scheme). This ticket is referring to paths for dependencies of the target being compiled, but aren't useful to include as the folders don't contain dynamic libraries or frameworks.
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Only module `CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR` related to selected test targets should appear in the xctestrun file. Even better would be only including the `CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR` if they're necessary for dynamic frameworks.

As a bonus, it appears like only the `__XPC_DYLD_*` flags in the xctestrun file generated are necessary. It'd be great to remove the `DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH` and `DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH` unused variables.


Project attachment: https://github.com/justinseanmartin/apple_feedback/tree/master/FB7122062

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