ER: Interface Builder should enforce positioning of controls in the bottom bar

Number:rdar://7483606 Date Originated:17-Dec-2009 11:07 PM
Status:Duplicate/6574159 Resolved:12-Jan-2010 06:54 PM
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:IB 3.2.1/740
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:N/A
17-Dec-2009 11:07 PM Dave Dribin:
Interface Builder 3.2 has support for bottom bars by being able to set a window's content border.  However, it provides no assistance in positioning text and controls in the bottom bar.  IB usually enforces positioning by "snapping" controls into place, and this would be much welcomed in the bottom bar as well.  The Human Interface Guidelines  provides specific positioning requirements in:

  Layout Guidelines , Positioning Text and Controls in a Bottom Bar


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