ER: It should be possible to restore a single application data from backup

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Product:iPhone Product Version:3.1.2
Classification:Enhancement Request Reproducible:always
ER: It should be possible to restore a single application data from backup. Currently it is only possible to restore the whole device from backup, which is not always desirable and may be even worse.

For instance, I mistakenly synced my iPhone with my old MacBook (which data I had migrated to my new Mac pro) while I was in vacation with that machine, and as a result the applications I had bought since I had gotten that Mac pro (which the MacBook was not aware of) were wiped. When I came back home I was able to put them back on the device, but they had forgotten all their data. Granted, this was pretty much my accomplishments in two games, but annoying nonetheless. At this point, restoring the whole device from backup wasn't really an option, or all the other applications would have forgotten everything that was done while in vacation.

Allowing to restore only one application would be a solution to that problem, and a variety of others (e.g. inadvertent deletion of an app, or an app that somehow ends up with corrupted data that prevents it from being run and fixing it, etc.)


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