No services menu when right-clicking on a Finder window

Number:rdar://7719410 Date Originated:05-Mar-2010 01:59 AM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Finder Product Version:10.6 / 10.7
Classification: Reproducible:Always
05-Mar-2010 01:59 AM Sam Deane:
I have a service which accepts file/url items. It is designed to be integrated into the finder via it's support for adding service items to the contextual menu when the user right-clicks on something.

When I right-click on a file or folder in a 10.6 Finder window, it works as expected - the service's menu items are added to contextual menu that appears.

However, when I right-click in the finder window itself, but not on a file/folder, no service items are added to the window.

I regard this as unexpected behaviour.

The Finder window itself represents a folder on the disc - the folder that contains the various items that the window is displaying. 

Therefore what I would expect to happen when I right click on the window is that a contextual menu is shown for the folder that the window represents. This does not seem to happen.

10-Jun-2011 01:59 AM Sam Deane:
This behaviour appears to be unchanged in Lion. Is there any chance of fixing it? My product ( would really benefit from the change. Similarly, being able to right-click on the desktop itself and have the services menu show (with the "~/Desktop/" folder being the targeted item) would make a lot more sense.


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