AL_CONE_OUTER_GAIN set to 0 triggers OpenAL error when it shouldn't

Number:rdar://8543491 Date Originated:2010-10-12
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:4.0
Classification:Other Bug Reproducible:Always
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12-Oct-2010 04:17 PM Eric Wing:
Setting AL_CONE_OUTER_GAIN to 0.0 triggers an OpenAL error, but it shouldn't. 0.0 is a legit value according to the OpenAL spec.

Steps to Reproduce:
Build and run the attached program in the Xcode 4.1 Simulator. (I haven't tried the device yet.) Watch the console for NSLog error messages particularly when the missiles fire. 

There are two parts to look at in the code:

In EWSoundSourceObject.m look for:

		// Apple BUG HERE: Gain at 0.0 fails when it shouldn't. New to iOS 4.1 simulator.
		coneOuterGain = 0.0;

and further down in the file look for:

		alSourcef(sourceID, AL_CONE_OUTER_GAIN, coneOuterGain);
		al_error = alGetError();
		if(AL_NO_ERROR != al_error)
			NSLog(@"alSourcei AL_CONE_OUTER_GAIN: %s, %f", alGetString(al_error), coneOuterGain);

Expected Results:
Shouldn't get an error.

Actual Results:
Get errors.

This worked fine in 3.x and I think 4.0. I started noticing the problem in the 4.1 simulator.



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