NSTokenField needs a willDeleteObjects delegate API

Number:rdar://9000191 Date Originated:2/14/2011
Status:Closed Resolved:Duplicate/5686574
Product:Mac OS X Product Version:
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:
Summary: NSTokenField needs some sort of tokenField:willDeleteObjects: delegate API.

See sample project for 


also attached here. {OpenRadar note: since OpenRadar does not support attachments, this cannot be attached to the OpenRadar version of this bug.}

In that project, I had to implement controlTextDidChange: and go through the contents of the field editor string just to figure out if any tokens had been deleted upon user edit. I needed to do this because, for this token field, duplicate tokens are not allowed. 

That's an unfortunate step, potentially fragile, that could be avoided if the token field would *tell* its delegates when it's going to delete tokens.


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