Would like to use NSFormatter with NSTokenField

Number:rdar://9092238 Date Originated:3/5/2011
Status:Closed Resolved:Duplicate/4247907
Product:Mac OS X Product Version:
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:
Summary: It appears to be impossible currently to use an NSFormatter to disallow certain keystrokes with an NSTokenField, due to the way both classes work.

NSTokenField is a subclass of NSTextField, and it formats the contents of the text field in a private way, including the use of attachments to represent the tokens.

NSFormatter, however, requires its subclassers to be able to provide the *exact* text field string contents of the text field it's attached to. Which I can't do, because I can't replicate the private format of the NSTokenField's text.

What I'd like is a subclass of NSFormatter that allows custom subclassers to *not* have to replicate the private innards of an NSTokenField's text, but still allows for custom formatting and validation of the untokenized text in such a field.

Some links to other people who've had these problems:




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