Lua support for Xcode

Number:rdar://9321859 Date Originated:2011-08-26
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:4.0
Classification:Enhancement Request Reproducible:Always
21-Apr-2011 06:16 PM Eric Wing:

Please add Lua support to Xcode.

At the very least, syntax highlighting is needed.

More ambitious are things like auto-completion. If it is any help, there is a llvm-lua project at:

Lua is the dominant scripting language used used in the games industry. This would really help all the game developers from World of Warcraft to Angry Birds to Bubble Ball.

There are also two Lua/Obj-C bridges out there:
LuaCocoa (
Lua Wax

There used to be a syntax highlighting file for Lua for pre-Xcode 4, but it doesn't work with Xcode 4.


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