FaceTime protocol should be published as an open standard

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09-May-2011 03:26 PM Chris Adamson:
Apple vowed to publish FaceTime as an open standard. As of May, 2011, there is no indication this has happened.

Steps to Reproduce:
At the WWDC keynote (around 1:36:45 on the version from the iTunes podcast feed "Apple Keynotes"), Apple CEO Steve Jobs said:

"Now FaceTime is based on a lot of open standards: H.264 video, AAC audio, and a bunch of alphabet soup acronyms. And we're going to take it all away. We're going to the standards bodies, starting tomorrow, and we're going to make FaceTime an open industry standard."

Expected Results:
A year later, one would expect to find some documentation of the standard on developer.apple.com, or in IETF, ISO, or other standards-body communications.

Actual Results:
There is no indication that any action has been taken on presenting the FaceTime protocol as an open standard.  As summarized by the Wikipedia page for FaceTime <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FaceTime>: 

"Upon the launch of the iPhone 4, Jobs promised that Apple would work in due course with standards bodies to make the FaceTime protocol an "open standard." As of April 2011, it is not yet known to have been ratified by any standards body, and the extent of work by Apple with regards to this promise is unclear as Apple has not released technical specifications for the service. FaceTime is not currently supported on any non-Apple devices.[citation needed]
While FaceTime is based on open standards, Apple's FaceTime service requires a client-side certificate[7]. I.e. while the protocol might be open, access to Apple's FaceTime service is controlled by Apple."




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