Greater notification display options to help with alerts and Notification Center

Number:rdar://9570818 Date Originated:6/8/11
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Product:iPhone SDK Product Version:5.0
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Short version - please add an option when sending local or push notifications to select how a notification is to be displayed to the user, such as a "notificationDisplayType" property

Long version - With the addition of Notification Center in iOS 5, the Stocks and Weather widgets have shown how it can be used as the perfect place for an application to quickly display a content summary to a user without them having to open the app. Such an example is a sporting application wanting to send constant push notifications to signify a change in the score in a game of football. If this were to happen, the user would be overwhelmed with constant popups every time the score changes, which would be too much to handle. However, this could be greatly improved if an application could send such notifications just to Notification Center, so users can start to use it a "widget-style" system as they are about to do with Stocks and Weather. 

My suggestion is to add a property named "notificationDisplayType" or similar to control how the notification is presented to the user. Such a property could appear as an option when setting up a UILocalNotification and as a possible property in the JSON payload for a push notification. This would greatly enhance the capability of Notification Center, as well as removing the need to give developers the tools to create widgets.


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rdar://9570818 Duplicate/9570818 matthewroberts858 iPhone SDK Greater notification display options to help with alerts and Notification Center


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