[provisioning portal] would like bulk export of device IDs

Number:rdar://9929681 Date Originated:8/10/2011
Status:open Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:N/A
I would like to be able bulk export device IDs from the dev portal so I can import them into another.

Steps to Reproduce:

Add 43 devices to your personal development account, doing development for a friend.

Get hired by said company, which has its own development account, and will now be the source of all things provisioning.

Time to move those 43 devices over.

Expected Results:

Log in to personal account.
Click on an "Export devices" button in the portal.  
Edit file to take out devices not appropriate for moving to the company
Log out
Log in to business account
Click on "import devices" in the portal.
Upload.  Time for a cheeseburger

Actual Results:

Log into personal account in Safari
Log into business account in Chrome

in chrome {
    Go to "add devices" part of the portal

foreach (device) {
    in safari {
        Click "Details" for the device
        Double click UUID
    in chrome {
        Click plus sign
        paste uuid
    in safari {
        Double click-and-drag name
    in chrome {
        paste name
    in safari {
        click cancel
    # hope session doesn't time out
    # hope don't lose place and redundantly add a device again

Granted, I could paste into a document an then upload that, but that's still a lot of clicks and back and forth, waiting for web pages to load.


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