Time machine should offer a way to configure maximum disk usage.

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Product:Mac OS X Product Version:10.7
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Using a device like the 4-Bay Drobo is problematic with Time Machine since it has a "virtual" partition of up to 16 TB that can exceed the current available storage. This means that Time Machine does not know how much space is really available on the Drobo and can run out of disk space.  To work around this, it is necessary to create either a sparse bundle, or an actual partition that is smaller than the actual media. The former option prevents Time Machine from properly browsing the backups and the latter is limiting and removes one of the great features of the Drobo - the ability to add more storage on the fly. Though you can add the storage, you are still constrained by the partition used to work around Time Machine's habit of always using all available storage.

There are other uses for restricting Time Machine's total consumption as well.

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