sometimes converts results to binary-coded decimal instead of hexadecimal

Number:rdar://9948360 Date Originated:8/12/2011
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:OS X Product Version:10.7/11A511
Classification:Serious bug Reproducible:Always
Some operations in the programmer mode of cause the value to be displayed as a binary-coded decimal instead of hexadecimal.

Steps to Reproduce:
0.  Launch and press command-3 to go into programmer mode.
1.  Enter a 1 and then hit the << key 6 times to end up with the value 0x40 (decimal 64).
2.  Press the = key

Expected Results:
I would expect for the value 0x40 to remain 0x40.

Actual Results:
The display changes to 0x64, the binary-coded decimal representation of 0x40 (64).

Similarly, if you shift left 5 to get 0x20 (32) and then hit = the value changes to 0x32.

If you do other operations the result is incorrect.  Enter a 1, shift left 6 to get 0x40 and then add 3.  Instead of 0x43 you get 0xC0.

This bug existed in 10.6.8.

This may be related to another ticket I filed in 2006 where 1's complement was computed incorrectly.  That radar number is 4665189.


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