MacGLEssentials does not work with CAOpenGLLayer/Layer backing / Lion

Number:rdar://9948489 Date Originated:2011-08-12
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Mac OS X Product Version:10.7
Classification:Serious Reproducible:Always
12-Aug-2011 07:11 PM Eric Wing:
I am trying to get layer backing to work with OpenGL on Lion. I just filed 9948466 which is related.
As a work around, instead of layer backed views, I went to CAOpenGLLayer hoping it would work better. While this doesn't freeze my system, I only get garbage rendered in my views.

Steps to Reproduce:
Attached is my modified example. Build and run it and you will see garbage.

Expected Results:
Should look like the original example.

Actual Results:

It is possible I didn't port the example correctly. It is also quick and dirty. 
If the example is not ported correctly, I would appreciate any guidance on what's wrong.  A new developer example showing CAOpenGLLayer with the modern OpenGL engine would be nice.

12-Aug-2011 07:12 PM Eric Wing:
Forgot to mention, I'm seeing OpenGL errors when I switch to CALayers/layer backed, e.g.

2011-08-12 19:04:40.688 MacGLEssentials[1259:707] NVIDIA GeForce 320M OpenGL Engine 3.2 NVIDIA-7.2.9
[Switching to process 1259 thread 0x707]
2011-08-12 19:04:43.946 MacGLEssentials[1259:707] GLError GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION set in File:/Users/ewing/Downloads/GLEssentials/Classes/OpenGLRenderer.m Line:1093

15-Aug-2011 01:01 PM Eric Wing:
I've been injecting more glGetError()'s into the code which has led me to start calling glCheckFramebufferStatus(). In several places, such as glClear() around line 260, and I'm getting GL_FRAMEBUFFER_UNDEFINED. My current speculation is the default FBO=0 is failing for CAOpenGLLayer.

According to the sample code:
	// Init our renderer.  Use 0 for the defaultFBO which is appropriate for MacOS (but not iOS)
	_renderer = [[OpenGLRenderer alloc] initWithDefaultFBO:0];

But maybe this is a bug with layer backed views and CAOpenGLLayer?

I would appreciate feedback if this seems right. Also, I would really like to know what the fix/workaround for this is. I really need to get CALayer's going because I need to superimpose other widgets on my OpenGL layer/view.


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