New invitation alerts cannot be silenced

Number:rdar://9971109 Date Originated:18-Aug-2011
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:4.3.5
Classification:Usability Reproducible:Always

Even when "New Invitation Alerts"  is turned off (from Calendar -> New Invitation Alerts -> Off), calendar alerts are still being displayed. This happens whenever the iOS device is connected to an Exchange account. Furthermore the invitation alert still beeps although the alert sound is disabled (from Settings -> Sounds -> Calendar Alerts -> Off). This happens in both iPad and iPhone.

Steps to Reproduce:

 1. Connect iPad / iPhone to an Exchange e-mail account.
 2. Turn off New Invitation Alerts.
 3. Send a meeting invite from Microsoft Outlook 2007 (Windows version) with the "reminder" option set.

Expected Results:
The meeting invite is shown in the Calendar app's inbox but without any alert.

Actual Results:

The meeting invite is shown with an alert (alert shown in the lock screen) and with beeping sounds.



It would be great if the iOS can also schedule when can an external meeting invite brings in an alert. This is especially important in a global organization in which a person from the other side of the world blindly send meeting invites when some of the invitees are in bed. Most of these off-hour meeting invites are conference-type events in which the most of the recipients doesn't need to attend.


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