ER: Add -[NSMutableArray setArray:copyItems:]

Number:rdar://9998142 Date Originated:2011-08-22
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Foundation Product Version:X
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Not Applicable
It would be really nice to have -[NSMutableArray setArray:copyItems:] to fill the gap between -[NSArray initWithArray:copyItems:] and -[NSMutable setArray:]. It's a pretty straightforward method, and could replace code that is inconvenient to write. (I've added it as a category, but would love to have it as API.)

- (void) setArray:(NSArray*)array copyItems:(BOOL)flag
	if (flag) {
		[self removeAllObjects];
		for (id object in array) {
			[self addObject:[[object copy] autorelease]];
	} else {
		[self setArray:array];

I imagine that if implemented internally, one could get slightly higher performance through more intelligent memory management of internal structures than would be possible for third-party developers.


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