WKWebView takeSnapshot does not work on iOS 13

Number:rdar://FB402555 Date Originated:03/6/2020
Status:Resolved Resolved:03/13/2020
Product:WebKit Product Version:iOS13
Classification:bug Reproducible:iOS13
I need to take a screenshot of WebView while app in Background.

But on iOS13 method "takeSnapshotWithConfiguration:completionHandler:" of WKWebView does not work. completionHandler never fires when an app does a background task.

This works well on iOS12. Also, it works on iOS13 while app in the foreground.

Reproduce: see demo project to reproduce https://github.com/Jnis/WebView-Snapshot . Also see videos there.

Expected:  takeSnapshotWithConfiguration:completionHandler call completionHandler with image while app is in background

Actual result:

[self.wkwebView takeSnapshotWithConfiguration:configuration completionHandler:^(UIImage * _Nullable snapshotImage, NSError * _Nullable error) {
   // this never calls on iOS13 while app in the background. But iOS12 works well.

Thank you! 
( https://forums.developer.apple.com/message/402555#402555 )


Solution: setting WKSnapshotConfiguration’s afterScreenUpdates property to NO

WKSnapshotConfiguration *configuration = [WKSnapshotConfiguration new];
if (@available(iOS 13.0, *)) {
configuration.afterScreenUpdates = NO;

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