XCTest should allow you to run each test case or test method on its own process

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XCTest should allow you to run each test case or test method on its own process
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This would allow you to use Xcode and XCTest to write what people call "integration tests" or "end-to-end" or "system tests", for SDKs, Frameworks or APIs, without the need for a UI.

Currently all XCTest cases are instantiated at the beginning of the test run and sequentially executed in the same process memory space. If they were on separate processes, with separate memory, they could be better isolated from interfering with each other. In many use cases (such as integration tests), the performance cost of using new memory is acceptable in exchange for the benefit of this isolation.

Currently a workaround is to write a UITest target with a text field where I use automated UI touches to enter an enum value, then read that in the application and run a test case. The test can still be written in XCTestCase classes if you embed the XCTest framework into a test app. You write a new App target just for these tests. And the `XCUIApplication().launch()` UI method in the UITest bundle lets you create a new process.


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