iTunes on Mac cannot download new apps or update existing apps

Number:rdar://FB7648444 Date Originated:April 4, 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iTunes Product Version:
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behaviour Reproducible:
I've downloaded iTunes for Mac and Windows from here:

The Windows version DOES NOT exhibit this bug.

Since March 15th, the MacOS version cannot download or update iOS apps.   Prior to March 15th it worked OK.  MacOS High Sierra is the latest version of MacOS that this version of iTunes is supported on (as per the support note above it will not run on Mojave or Catalina).

Install new app fail
1. start iTunes
2. switch to app view
3. click on "App Store" tab.
4. purchase app/get free app (eg: TikTok)
5. window briefly flashes "downloading ..."
6. app is not downloaded

Update fail
1. start iTunes
2. switch to app view
3. click on updates tab
4. click on "Update All Apps" button
5. window briefly flashes "downloading ..."
6. no apps are updated

If the windows version works, and the mac version does not, then the implication is that Apple wants us to use the Windows version and retire our macs.  I suspect this was not Apple's intention.

Diagnostics attached


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