Setting UITextView.keyboardAppearance doesn't work if the keyboard is already visible

Number:rdar://FB7659482 Date Originated:5/10/2020
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:UIKit Product Version:13.4
Classification: Reproducible:Always
See attached project for an example reproduction. But this is a summary of the steps to reproduce this:

- Create an iOS application targeting iOS 13.4's SDK
- Add a UITextView to the view controller
- Set `keyboardAppearance` on the text view, for example, as a result of rotating the interface (in `viewWillLayoutSubviews`)
- Open app
- Tap on the text view to make the keyboard visible
- Rotate the device

Expected results:
- The keyboard appearance changes from light to dark or viceversa

Actual results:
- The keyboard appearance that was visible before we rotated remains.

If you dismiss the keyboard and show it again, the appearance is now correct.


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