Remote Notification with Localized Key & Args Needs a Way to Specify Order of Args

Number:rdar://FB7665504 Date Originated:April 16, 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Push Notification Product Version:
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To push a localized notification, we use ‘loc-key’ and ‘loc-args’ to dynamically generate notification message, the problem is: ‘loc-key’ can have multiple placeholders, the order of those placeholders may differ in different language, but there’s no way to specify the order of ‘loc-args’.
For example: 
en: You have registered for [%s:event_title] on [%s:event_start_date_time].
cn: 您已经注册了于[%s:event_start_date_time]开始的[%s:event_title]。
Arguments in ‘loc-args’ will be used from the first to the last, that means if English expression is correct, Chinese will be wrong, vice versa.

Translation is normally done by other team member who’s not familiar with such limitation, it’s hard to make it right without function to specify orders.


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