MKGeoJSONDecoder can't parse escaped Double-Quote characters

Number:rdar://FB7670149 Date Originated:2020-04-20
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Product:MapKit Product Version:13.4
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MKGeoJSONDecoder can't parse escaped Double-Quote characters

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When parsing valid GeoJSON data containing escaped double-quotes, the MKGeoJSONDecoder fails with error.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Download and copy the GeoJSON from the Berlin city API server into a String: 
OR use the following GeoJSON data

            "features": [
                    "geometry": {
                        "coordinates": [
                        "type": "Point"
                    "properties": {
                        "description": " \" text in double quotes \" ",
                        "href": "/sen/web/service/liefer-und-abholdienste/index.php/detail/1848",
                        "id": "/sen/web/service/liefer-und-abholdienste/index.php/detail/1848",
                        "title": "1848"
                    "type": "Feature"
            "type": "FeatureCollection"

2. Create a Data object from the string using .utf8 format
3. Create a MKGeoJSONDecoder object
4. Try and parse the data using  `try decoder.decode(data)` in a do..catch block
5. The catch block will report an error saying: “The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.”

If we change the “description” string and remove the escaped double-quotes `“\`, the MKGeoJSONDecoder decodes the data without issue.

The attached practice.playground should show the error when the program is run.


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