Dragging Launchpad icons out of Search causes erratic behaviour and invalid states

Number:rdar://FB7683126 Date Originated:30 April 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS/Dock Product Version:macOS 10.15.4
Classification: Reproducible:
Dragging Launchpad icons out of the Search function can cause various erratic behaviour, including temporarily duplicating icons, making icons disappear, creating folders with single icons, or creating nameless folders.

To reproduce:
1. Open the Launchpad.
2. Search for an application, e.g., Calendar by typing “cal”.
3. Hold the mouse button down on the Calendar icon that appears until it starts to wiggle.
4. Do any of the following:
• Press esc or the delete key to clear the search box.
• Quickly drag the icon away.
• Drag the icon onto another icon in the Search results, such as Calculator.
5. One of the following happens:
• The icon is picked up and moved as normal.
• The icon is duplicated (so that there are now two Calendar icons) but is otherwise moved as normal.
• The icon is picked up, but off-centre from the mouse cursor (sometimes even off the screen). This can cause all kinds of errors, including shifting icons on other Launchpad pages, temporarily removing icons entirely, creating folders with single icons, nameless folders, etc.


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