Launchpad icons can get permanantly stuck on the screen

Number:rdar://FB7683147 Date Originated:30 April 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS/Dock Product Version:macOS 10.15.4
Classification: Reproducible:
Icons from the Launchpad can get permanently stuck on the screen, requiring one of a few obscure workarounds or a logout to correct.

To reproduce:
1. Open the Launchpad.
2. Search for an app that’s not on the current page.
3. Drag the app away and then quickly release it.
4. The icon may get stuck permanently on the screen, on top of all windows.
5. To make it go away, one can:
• Enter wiggly “move mode” in Launchpad
• Kill the Dock or Finder process

See this link for various versions of step 5:
As of this feedback, the linked StackExchange question has 44 votes and its top-voted solution has 83, indicating that this is not an obscure problem.

Also see attached recording.


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