Methods of SFSafariTab etc. needs @available(OSX 10.14.4, *)

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Product:SafariServices Product Version:10.15
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Methods of SFSafariTab and  needs @available(OSX 10.14.4, *)

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Currently (macOS 10.15 SDK, Xcode 11.5), for example, navigate(to:) in SFSafariTab is defined like this:

>    /// Navigates this tab to the given URL. The extension doesn't need permission to access the URL to navigate to it.
>    open func navigate(to url: URL)

However, according to the following documentation, it's actually available from macOS 10.14.4:

So, I think this should be defined like this:

@available(OSX 10.14.4, *)
open func navigate(to url: URL)

Because of this issue, I didn't get any compile error and I released my Safari extension including it even for macOS 14.0 users and one of them reported it didn't work. He sent me a log with and the extension surely crashed because of this issue: 

> default	18:01:20.481009 +0300	TranslateWebForSafari Extension	-[SFSafariTab navigateToURL:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x6000036f2620

Not only this, SFSafariPage's getContainingTab(completionHandler:) also has the same issue. I also found it from his log:

> default	18:01:21.091526 +0300	TranslateWebForSafari Extension	-[SFSafariPage getContainingTabWithCompletionHandler:]: unrecognized selector sent to 

I didn't check in detail but maybe there are other methods like these.

FYI, this is his bug report:


And I commented:

Sorry, I should have titled "Methods of SFSafariTab etc. needs @available(OSX 10.14.4, *)"

By mshibanami at May 27, 2020, 11:40 p.m. (reply...)

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