Website settings say "Ask" for Location even when Safari won't ask.

Number:rdar://FB7716775 Date Originated:May 27, 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Safari Product Version:iOS 13.4.1
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
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Website settings say "Ask" for Location even when Safari won't ask.
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2020-05-27 9:30pm
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1. Go to
2. Click the "Call getCurrentPosition()" button.
3. Click "Don't allow".
4. Reload.
5. Click the "Call getCurrentPosition()" button.
6. Click "Don't allow".
7. Reload.
8. Click the "Call getCurrentPosition()" button.
9. Notice that it denies geolocation without prompting. (This is reasonable.)
10. Click the "aA" button in the URL bar.
11. Click "Website Settings".
12. Notice that it says "Location: Ask", which is incorrect.

Changing the location setting to "allow" does allow use of the API. Changing it back to "Ask" does not cause the website to ask on the next reload.


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