Location can be set to "Allow" in Safari even when Safari is disallowed at the system level

Number:rdar://FB7716779 Date Originated:2020-05-27
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Safari Product Version:iOS 13.4.1
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
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Location can be set to "Allow" in Safari even when Safari is disallowed at the system level
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2020-05-27 9:40pm
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1. Go to Settings | Privacy | Location Services | Safari Websites and change the setting to "Never".
2. Wait a couple months to forget you've done this.
3. Go to https://geolocation-debug.glitch.me
4. Click the "aA" button in the address bar, go to "Website Settings", and set Location to "Allow".
5. Click the "Call getCurrentPosition()" button.
6. Notice that the call is denied.

This was very confusing. There should be some indication that Safari itself is disallowed from using location, rather than letting users set a website setting that Safari can't honor.


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