Adaptive App Store screenshots via static SwiftUI views

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App Store should allow developers to submit static SwiftUI views (à la WidgetKit) instead of screenshots. These "screenshots"—when viewed by a user—would reflect their device type, locale, color scheme, and even accessibility settings.

1) Users can better understand whether an app will work well on their device/locale/accessibility accommodations, before purchasing.
2) Developers don't need to manually generate screenshots for each device type, with each app update.

* Apple introduces a new AdapativeScreenshot extension type, and developers implement this extension by adding their views to this target.
* Developers generate SwiftUI view archives for each app screenshot. Apple allows developers to either generate these from view previews or by "screenshotting" a view on their device.
* Developers submit SwiftUI view archives to App Store Connect with their app, which encodes all the information needed to render the view.
* When a user browses the App Store, their device downloads the AdaptiveScreenshot extension and uses this to render the views. Alternatively, Apple pre-renders the views for each configuration.


FYI, I posted this idea to Twitter, and it was very popular, and I was told to submit feedback.


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