Selected email address for the "From" field is not the one used

Number:rdar://FB8751553 Date Originated:2020-09-28
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Mail - iOS Product Version:14.0.0
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:Always
# Description of the problem

When configuring a SMTP account with multiple address aliases, it is possible to select which alias to be used when sending a new mail.
Since iOS 14.0.0, the selected address is NOT the one used when sending the mail. One of the others addressed configured will be used, but never the one selected.

For example, if I have the following aliases :


And I select "" as the sending address, the mail will be sent with either "" or "" as its "From" field.

# Step by step

- In Settings, configure a new custom mail account (with at least a working SMTP configuration)
- In this account settings add aliases (by clicking on "Adresses", and adding new addresses under "Other email address..."
- Open Mail
- Start a new mail
- Touch the "From" field, and select one of the addresses in the list
- I'd recommend putting the same address you select in the body of the mail so you can know which email you actually wanted to send the mail as
- Send the mail to whatever email address you can receive mail on
- On the receiving address, open the mail and check the "From" field

# Expected

The "From" field in the received mail contains the email address you selected in the list (and the one you hopefully put in the body of the mail to keep track of things).

# Actual

The "From" field contains any other address in the list, but not the one you selected.

# Attachement

A video demonstrating the issue. Sorry it's a bit long, I put several examples in, and had a problem with Mail being stuck and not fetching new mails.

It starts by showing the Mail account configuration, and then I proceed to send several mails, none of which are received with the correct From field.

Sysdiagnose attached. The issue was reproduced on 2020-09-28 around 17:34 UTC.


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