iOS 14+ navigation back button missing arrow, when navigation bar have semantic content attribute apposite to system layout direction

Number:rdar://FB8765782 Date Originated:2020-10-02
Status:Fixed Resolved:2020-12-14
Product:UIKit Product Version:iOS 14
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behaviour Reproducible:Always
For example: 
System language is LTR
we set `UISemanticContentAttributeForceRightToLeft` to navigationBar.semanticContentAttribute
Result: back arrow is missing, displayed only text: "Back"
Expected: back button displayed with text: "Back" and with arrow

Same happening if system language is RTL and we use `UISemanticContentAttributeForceLeftToRight`

Code to reproduce:
- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {
    UINavigationController *navigationController = (UINavigationController *)self.window.rootViewController;
    navigationController.view.semanticContentAttribute =
    navigationController.navigationBar.semanticContentAttribute =
        UIUserInterfaceLayoutDirectionLeftToRight == self.window.effectiveUserInterfaceLayoutDirection
        ? UISemanticContentAttributeForceRightToLeft
        : UISemanticContentAttributeForceLeftToRight
    return YES;


Fixed in iOS 14.3

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