NSCollectionLayoutSection.visibleItemsInvalidationHandler returning wrong visible items

Number:rdar://FB8834530 Date Originated:10/29/2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:UIKit Product Version:iOS 13
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always
I am trying to use the new iOS 13 class, UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout but am not able to get meaning information from the NSCollectionLayoutSection.visibleItemsInvalidationHandler. In the simple example (see code, see movie file) I keep getting output like the following when I swipe to the next cell. I do not know why cell 0:0 shows up constantly even though I am toward the middle or end of my cells in the collection view.

item: 0:0
item: 2:0
item: 3:0
item: 0:0
item: 3:0
Background: My collectionView is setup such that a cell takes the entire screen. As the user swipes through the cells I need to know the "current" visible cell. However, since cell 0:0 always shows up in the array of visible items I cannot do what I need to do. Ultimately, I am trying to workaround an issue where when the user rotates the device the scrolling is incorrect and I see half of two separate cells - which is wrong since I am paging.


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