Add schedule and/or geofence exclusions to ExposureNotification for health care workers

Number:rdar://FB8895240 Date Originated:11/13/20
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:ExposureNotification Framework Product Version:
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Health care workers regularly come into close proximity with COVID-positive individuals while at work, but they generally don't need to be concerned about those exposures if they're wearing adequate PPE. However, since ExposureNotification doesn't know that, they might end up receiving a lot of false notifications, or be reluctant to enable ExposureNotification at all because they expect to receive them.

Also, as cases spike throughout the US, increasing numbers of COVID-positive health care workers are continuing to go work while asymptomatic; these could potentially produce false alarms in the other direction, with patients notified based on their proximity to a well-PPE'ed health care worker.

Please add an option to automatically disable ExposureNotification (both logging and transmission) during certain times or within a particular geofence area, so that physicians/nurses/assistants/etc can take advantage of that feature outside of work without producing lots of false alarms for themselves or their patients.


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