Removing Default Decor on Quick Look Thumbnails

Number:rdar://FB8896118 Date Originated:11/14/2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS - Quick Look Product Version:10.15
Classification:Feature Request Reproducible:
I'm writing a new macOS app that provides its own custom file format. I've just started using the new Quick Look Thumbnail Extensions API introduced in macOS 10.15 so that my custom files may have dynamically generated thumbnails showing their contents.

However, by default, Quick Look Thumbnailing appears to additionally modify the thumbnail after I've generated it to add a dynamic page curl effect to the final icon.

Since my file format is a very media heavy one, it makes sense to show the entire image without this curling, just like how a JPEG or an MP4 is rendered on macOS.

I would like to suggest adding a flag or an option to disable any kinds of macOS custom effects on icons, so I can have full control over how the final icon looks like.


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